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What booth sizes do you have and what are the prices?

Booth prices vary depending on the area and size of the booth. The dimensions and prices below are

estimates and may vary depending on what the Berry Center charges us.

  • Arena booths (10D x 10W) $230 / Endcap booth - additional $55
  • Conference Center booths (8D x 10W) $195 / Endcap booth - additional $55.
  • Outside booths (15D x 15W) $185 /  Center Outside booths (15D x 23W) $210.
  • Hallway booths (8D x 14W) $215
  • Premium Atrium booths $275 to $775 depending on location and size.
  • Electricity:
  •     Indoor booths or designated outside booths - additional $50. 
  •    (Electricity prices reflect what The Berry Center charges us for activating electricity at a booth.)

What is included in the booth price?

We provide booth space only. Tables and chairs can be rented for inside vendors, or vendors can bring their own. Once a vendor has paid, we add them to our public CWC website, including a link to their website or social media page, of their choosing, if applicable. Vendors are also listed in our show program, and we advertise them on our Facebook page in the months leading up to the show.

Do you provide pipe and drape for vendor booths?

No, we do not, nor do we rent it out to vendors.

How are vendors selected?

We are trying our best to have a large variety of vendors. We do have a process of tracking and limiting similar types of merchandise, but we do NOT guarantee exclusivity.

What are the restrictions for the types of food vendors allowed in your show?

Food Vendors providing food samples MUST have an active health permit and display it prominently during the event.  

Click here to apply for Harris County Food Permit. Event ID is T0005713. 

This document outlines our show's Rules For Food Vendors

How do non-profit organizations get a table or booth at your show?

We have a non-profit area where we provide a table for a certain number of non-profits free of charge. We first offer the spaces to the non-profits that have been selected by our club via our Adopt-A-Cause and Ways and Means committees. If there are any spaces remaining, then booths are offered to other non-profits that have submitted applications.

501(c)(3) non-profit organization



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